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OSTEN World Gallery of Cartoons COMPETITION for DIGITAL CARTOONS Topic: BEER!!!
Digital form: A4, .jpg, 300dpi
Deadline: 20 September 2015

Since 1969, from the first World Gallery of Cartoons, OSTEN is dedicated to the creativity, liberated thought and free artistic expression. With a desire to foster the true values in the cartoonists’ expression, we pay tribute to those conceiving the everlasting values in their works on paper. Nevertheless, we also pay considerable attention to new trends, because we are aware that time is of importance, and the future is now. We are also organizing thematic contests for digital cartoons, so we can meet the expectation of those who are more comfortable with the digital production.

OSTEN WORLD GALLERY OF CARTOONS is announcing new THEMATIC CONTESTS FOR DIGITAL CARTOONS on topic is BEER!!! The deadline is 20 September 2015!!!

The competition is open for all cartoonists around the world.
The works should be sent by e-mail only (preferable format A4, .jpg, 300dpi).
For the cartoonist whose work will be assessed as the best cartoon of the competition, the organizer envisages the award – an exhibition in OSTEN Gallery, Skopje.

The works should be sent on the e-mail:
Note: The submitted works will be published on: and OSTEN CARTOONS GROUP on FB



PRERAG, association in cooperation with the Government Office of the Slovak Republic

announce the international cartoon competition

Brain Sneezing  - from kalokagathia to hypochondria and back


Topic 2015 : ANTI & CORRUPTION

Deadline : 24th October 2015

Competition terms :

  1. Each author can send maximum 5 original works.
  2. The competition is open to everybody and is not restricted in terms of artistic design methods.
  3. The format of works should not exceed the A4 dimension.
  4. The competition is non-anonymous.
  5. The works can be sent either online, by filling the electronic application form, or via regular mail, with each work signed on the reverse with the author´s name and their address.
  6. The rewarded works will become the property of the organiser.


The exhibition of the works and the announcement of the results will take place in December 2015 in Prešov. The most successful authors will be awarded by the international jury as follows:

1st prize 500.00 EUR
2nd prize 300.00 EUR
3rd prize 200.00 EUR

The competition Jury reserves the right to grant other special prizes or not to grant some of the prizes.

The organisers will accept all the works that will be delivered online at the web address:

The organisers reserve the right to publish selected works in promotional materials and to re-install the exhibition. The catalogue will be sent to each competitor whose works will be published in the catalogue.

The authors agree that their works become the property of the organisers at no charge, that copies of their works might be made and used in re-installing the exhibition in other venues and that their works might be published free of charge in order to promote the exhibition.

International competition and exhibition "Brain Sneezing  - from kalokagathia to hypochondria and back" is financially supported by the Government Office of the Slovak Republic and Embassy of the Unites States of America in Slovakia.


Last day from visit to Baku 2011 - Stanislav Ashmarin
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Impressions of Andrey Feldshteyn from his visit to Baku 2011
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The 4th Mollanasradin festival of Republic of Azerbaijan-photo-2nd part
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Reports from 4th Mollanasradin festival of Republic of Azerbaijan

Rahim will report  the news of the 4th Mollanasradin festival of Republic of Azerbaijan in Baku from tommorow.
See and follow the reports of this festival in CWN site.
 Mikhail Zlatkovski( Russia),Andrey Feldshteyn(USA),Valentin Georgiev(Bulgaria),Bernard Buton(France) and Rahim Baggal Asghari (Iran) are presented in this festival as jury board...


The IV “Molla Nasraddin” International Cartoon Contest Exhibition and the ceremony of presenting awards under the headline “No to DRUGS!” will be held this year on the 17th of October in Baku in the exhibition salon center of the museum.
In the contest held by support of the State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan, the Culture and Tourism Ministry of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Federation of the International Cartoonists’ Organizations and organized by Azerbaijan Artists Union and Azerbaijan Cartoonists’ Union joined to take part 307 cartoonists with 670 works from 63 countries. According to the decision of the international membership of the board of judges the gold medal of the contest was awarded to Alessandro Gatto (Italy), the silver medal was awarded to Vladimir Kazanevsky (Ukraine), the bronze medal was awarded to Marat Valiakhmetov (Spain), Stanislaw Ashmarin (Russia) ...were honored with the special awards. The work of Azerbaijan cartoonist Tural Hasanly was estimated with the special award of Azerbaijan Artists Union.
The famous cartoonists from different countries were invited to take part in the event that will be held on the 17th of October. Jointly with the winners of the contest the chiefs of the Cartoon Organizations and the famous cartoonists from USA, France, Holland, Bulgaria, Russia, Iran, Germany were invited to our country. The president of the World Cartoonists’ Organizations Federation Mr. Peter Nieuwendijk will participate in the event. The guests will be in our Republic from the 14th till the 20th of October. They will take part in the exhibitions and see the place of interest of our city. I believe that our dear guests will go back from Baku only with good impressions.

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