4. International Antonio Arias Bernal "EQUALITY" Cartoon Contest 2018, Mexico
4. International Antonio Arias Bernal "EQUALITY" Cartoon Contest 2018, Mexico

According to the following bases:
1. Participants. Any person interested in participating must present a work that proposes an original interpretation of the theme "EQUALITY", through the universal language of drawing
2. Registration. - The inscription in the contest will be specified with the sending of an electronic file to: elbrigadier@dhags.org
With the complete identification information: name and surname, telephone number, address electronic, and a biographical summary of the author. The shipment implies full acceptance and without reservations of the bases of the present contest
3. The participant will ensure the authorship and originality of the submitted works, and declares that they are not a copy or total or partial modification of any work belonging to third parties
4. Characteristics of the cartoon. -
• Title of each work
• Colors: color file in CMYK mode
• Dimensions: 11.1 cm wide by 14.2 cm high
• Format: .jpg file with a resolution of 300 dpi.
5. The participant may send only two (2) electronic files that contain each one a single caricature
6. Categories. - to. Amateur
b. Professional CALL TO: to International Competition Alluding to human rights ANTONIO ARIAS BERNAL Cartoon 4 "The Brigadier" CDHEA Rights Commission Human State of AGUASCALIENTES
7. Period. - The works are received from the publication of this call and until the April 30, 2018
8. Jury. - The jury will consist of 5 members: to. A representative of the State Congress
b. A representative of the University of the Arts of Aguascalientes
c. A representative of the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes
d. A representative of the Mexican Society of Cartoonists and. The president of the Commission
9. Criterion. - To select the winners, the jury must consider the criteria of: Immediateness, line, ideas, ease of communication, use of color, use of words, use of the picture
10. The decision of the jury will be unappealable
11. The jury will choose the winners and they will be contacted by phone and email to make it of your knowledge. The name and caricature of the winners will also be published
on the Commission's website and social networks, as well as in the media Communication
12. Acknowledgments: to. 
Amateur. - 1st place: $ 5000 pesos or its equivalent in US dollars and two honorable mentions
b. Professional. - 1st place: $ 20,000 pesos or its equivalent in US dollars and two honorable mentions The prize will be delivered in the form of a "nominative check" or through a transfer electronics The prize does not include transfer of the winner, lodging or expenses associated with the enjoyment of the same
13. The contestant, with his or her own participation, agrees to assign the Commission free of charge use and publication of the material sent
14. The contestants that are winners agree to assign the copyright of the work to the convener Commission; who can make use of them
15. Awards - The awards ceremony will be held in the month of May of the current year
16. Any matter not foreseen in this call, will be resolved by the jury
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