The Americas Latino Eco-Festival (ALEF) is the largest annual multicultural environment event of its kind, held annually in Colorado, United States of America.
ALEF 1st International Activist Drawing Arts Contest 
FORMAT The works will be accepted in digital format. Maximum size: A3 (29.7 x 42cm). JPG format at 300dpi.
They will be sent to: alef2017contest@gmail.com
Nº OF WORKS AND ORIGINALITY Each participant can submit up to 3 works. 
The works submitted should not have been awarded in previous competitions.
The deadline for submission of works will be Saturday, July 14, 2017.
In addition to the works, a document with a biographical summary should be sent,
with the following information:name, telephone, date of birth, postal address, email and photo. 
The jury of the Competition will consist of:
Irene Vilar USA, Alex Falcó CUBA, Arturo Kemchs MEXICO, Omar Zevallos PERU, Firuz Kutal NORWAY, Marilena Nardi - ITALY 
The 3 First Places will be invited to participate in the ALEF + A event in the city of Denver, Colorado, from September 13 to 15, 2017, for their participation in the opening of the exhibition and activities of the event. 
A digital catalog will be available in PDF format after the results of the event.
Participation in this contest implies acceptance of these rules. The organization reserves the right, if necessary, to introduce the modifications it deems necessary for a better functioning of the contest. 
The organization is not responsible for the works submitted to the competition.