5th Graphic Humor Contest 2017, Spain

The submitted works must have intention. Humorous It establishes 2 categories or themes..

Professional artists can participate in the contest. Or amateurs from any part of the world.

Humor and Thematic
The submitted works must have intention. Humorous It establishes 2 categories or themes:
- Festher of Moors and Christians
- Free
The presentation will be in paper or digital format. The Work must be publishable on paper. Measure Maximum is a DIN A4 or proportional page.

If it contains text, it should be labeled in Spanish.

Number of Works
Each participant may submit a maximum of 6 Works, 3 per category in any of the formats

The time and deadline for delivery of works will be 23.00 h on Friday, March 24, 2017.
No originals will be accepted, only copies (in Digital or printed). Works in JPEGformat should be Delivered in a resolution of 300 dpi.

Each participant will have to specify their name and Surname, telephone, full postal address and mail electronic.

The delivery can be done either by mail As ordinary mail (in no Will return the work).
E-mail: humorgrafico@comparsaestudiantes.es

Comparsa Students. Street Lamberto Amat, 22
03600 Elda (Alicante)

Telephone contact. 635 795 975

A prize is established by category:
- Moors and Christians Fiestas Prize: 200.00 euros
- Free thematic prize: 200,00 euros

The presentation of prizes and exhibition of the works Selected (a selection of 25works will be made By category including awarded prizes) will be in the Paurides Foundation on Friday, May 5, 2017, as well As published in the official magazine of the comparsa.

It is composed of: 
Enrique Pérez PENEDO "Enrique
José RUBIO "Malagón"
Eduardo Navarro ROMERO

The verdict will be communicated to the winners and Published in the media. Participation in the call for this contest Implies the acceptance of these bases.

The organization and the jury reserve the right, if If necessary, to interpret those doubts or cases Contingencies arising at the time of selection and Choice of works, with a view to better Performance of the competition.
The organization is not responsible for the content Of the works submitted to competition.

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