36 Salon Saint-Just-le-Martel

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To Cartoonists, all over the world !

Hello everybody

Most of you have already heard of Saint Just le Martel and our restless work for the promotion of press cartoons and caricature.
We will this year celebrate the …. 36th birthday of our annual Salon.
The Centre Permanent , inaugurated in september 2011, has already hosted numerous prestigious exhibitions (this year for example « expo WILLEM/ VUILLEMIN », followed by « CABU, le journal des présidents ») and we respond to growing sollicitations from France as well as from abroad.
This success, as you already know, is due to the quality and the diversity of our exhibitions, to the research work that is carried out, the seriousness or the organisation, the solid experience built up over time, the quality of the presentation of works, and the quality of visitor reception.
All in all, it is mostly due to the trust we share with cartoonists, to great friendships built up over the years, and the cooperations initiated and still developed with the most prominent specialists in the field …
Our success also comes from the very nature of this organisation with the remarkable involvement of the most prominent names of cartooning, the outstanding commitment of numerous volunteers,
Those of you who were persent for the last edition witnessed its new success both in terms of quality and attendance.
The next edition of the Salon will this year take place from September 30 to October 8, 2017. We hope that you will participate and either send us 8/10 cartoons (preferably on the following topics) or come to Saint Just le Martel, on either one of the weekends of the Salon, or both .
On the general theme : « LIBRES D’EN RIRE » (« FREE TO LAUGH ABOUT IT ») , we s suggest :
Press cartoons :
- 365 days of french and international current events
- Elections and a new president in France
- Trump, 9 months later

Humour cartoons :
- our dear « Little darlings » : « Little brats or cherubs » ?
Of course, there will also be retrospectives ( Clémenceau. Press cartoonists from 1830 to2017) and humour cartoons for kids.
Naturally, we are open to all your suggestions…..
There will also be :
- An exhibition / hommage payed to Di Marco, a miscellaneous news cartoonist
- An exhibition « Carte blanche à Philippe Decressac »
- Two exhibitions/ hommages from Switzerland on Burki and Mix et Remix with the collaboration of la Maison du Dessin de Presse de Morges.
- Exhibitions of Michel Kichka (Israël ) and Khalid Gueddar (Marocco)who were both winners of Le Prix de l’Humour Vache last year and who designed this year’s poster
- An exhibition of Marilena Nardi, Italian cartoonist , who was awarded the Crayon de Porcelaine, presse étrangère, in 2016
- Le Jazz de Siné
- Moisan, cartoonist for th e Canard Enchaîné, who died 30 years ago
- « Eclats de Loup » puzzles
- France Cartoons : « French people as seen by the British and the British as seen by French people .
- A hundred years of caricatures of the winners of the Giro ( by Claudio Puglia)
- An travelling exhibition called « Décoder les étoiles » by Cartooning for Peace for the 60th anniversary of the Traité de Rome, about the Founding Fathers of Europe

We are at your disposal to provide any information you might need about the exhibitions, about transportation and accomodation, given that travel expenses on the french territory ( special SNCF train cars between Paris and Limoges in particular), accomodation and catering costs in Saint-Just-le-Martel are obviously paid for by the organisation.
We do hope that you will participate, send us your cartoons and come to Saint Just le Martel , and we look forward to seeing you or to hearing you on the phone.
Friendly thoughts to all of you
​​​​​​​​For the Salon, the President
​​​​​​​​Gérard VANDENBROUCKE
E-mail: salon.humour@wanadoo.fr

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